What people are saying about the Partnership Program.

“I now have a greater understanding for the actions of people with schizophrenia and why they displayed different behaviours when they were ill.  I have less judgement because we never know who is suffering from what.” – University of Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy student Saskatoon

“The Partnership Program presentation made me realize that mental illness is as important and as serious as any other disease.” – Grade 12 high school student Saskatoon

“It was great hearing from people directly affected by these disorders.  I enjoyed the four person perspective they presented with as it is the most effective way to inform the public.” –SIAST nursing student Saskatoon

“I thought schizophrenia was a split or multiple personality disorder but now I know it’s not.”
-Grade 10 high school student Saskatoon

“Thanks to the Schizophrenia Society for providing these presentations throughout the years.  Thanks also for including a person directly affected by depression in your panel as many of my students suffer from this illness.  Your stories of hope and recovery have been an inspiration to all of us.”
-Grade 12 High School teacher Saskatoon

“I have schizophrenia.  The presentation today gave me hope. I have never heard the illness described in such a positive way before.  The woman who shared her story of recovery showed me that things can and will get better.” -National Schizophrenia & Psychosis Awareness Day presentation to the general public

“I’ve always understood there is a stigma associated with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder but by hearing from someone that is actually living with it has definitely helped push away society’s negative beliefs on mental illness.”  –Saskatoon City Police officer

“The panel of speakers were really easy to understand.  They have opened my eyes to what mental illness encompasses.  They effectively covered everything I need to know.  This presentation will be useful for all high school and college audiences to hear.  I also thing all emergency services and public servants will benefit from attending a presentation.” – University of Saskatchewan Social Work student